About Us

MerrillSoft was founded in 1999, it is a privately held company based in Queen Creek Arizona. The founders have a combined 23 years of Caterpillar experience in Information Technology and Oil Analysis lab operations. Our goal was to fill the need for a first Class LIMS system that was extremely fast, sophisticated, reliable  but yet easy to learn and operate. We accomplished this with FTA2000 (Fluid Trend Analysis 2000). In addition we set out to provide on-line sample information over the Internet which would be transparent to the lab operations, this again was accomplished in 2002 with the introduction of  www.SampleResults.com.  Still looking for ways to improve our customer's bottom line, we introduced highly competitively priced lab supplies with 24x7 ordering over the Internet. Along the same thinking we  have introduced sample kits custom made to your specifications again at very competitive prices with quick delivery. As always our complete line of offerings is backed by our commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction.